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Your loan broker for life

We will help even if you have had past credit events or events in the form of foreclosure(s), bankruptcy(ies), late payment(s), collection(s), charge-off(s), etc for Non-Prime loans.

A loan that tailors to

your needs

Our team of experts are well-versed in the money lending industry and will find a loan that tailors to your specific needs. Your interests will be our number one priority.

What can we do for you?


Personal Loan

With our expertise, we want to help you realise your dream of an ideal wedding, home, education and more. We believe in providing you with the solution to overcome your financial difficulties.


Small Business Enterprises Loan

Whether you are looking to expand your business footprint, explore new possibilities or create new opportunities. We want to give you access to loans to help you achieve your goals and reach potential.

An hour is all it takes

Sounds simple enough? Well, it should be!

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Online Application

Fast Approval

Sign Agreement

Get Funds

Filling up our online application gives us a better idea on narrowing down the best loans for you. 

If you're pre-approved, sign your application to confirm funds. Our financial advisors will give you a call.

Head down to the lender's office to sign your loan agreement and finalise your loan.

Get your cash instantly on the same day of disbursement..

  • Who is BizBridge Pte Ltd?
    We are a dedicated team of financial experts that fully understand the process and the difficulty in obtaining loans or financing. We've successfully assisted many of our clients to obtain loans, often simplifying the process so that YOU save on time and effort.
  • How do I know that these Loans or Financing are legal?
    BizBridge Pte Ltd is a company incorporated in Singapore, based and operating in Singapore, to help Singaporeans. Our partners across the various spectrum of financial lenders are all licensed and regulated by their respective bodies such as the Monetary Authorities of Singapore or Ministry of Law. Rest assured that our rigorous vetting process only results in the highest quality of partner lenders for you.
  • What kind of Loans are available?
    We service a wide range of financial products cater to your every need. Whatever purpose you may have need a loan or financing, we can find you exactly what you need. From property financing to business loan or SME Working Capital loan, or even a loan for personal purposes, our relationship with partner lenders will get you what you need.
  • Do I have to pay for this service?
    As of 2020, our services of finding you a loan remain completely 100% free. So do not hesitate to engage us for what you need!

Hear what others say

"Very Patient"

When I was introduced to Vincent, I thought he was just another loan broker. However, he was very patient as I have loads of question as it was my first loan. He was very responsive, knowledgeable and understood the urgency of my need. I really consider myself lucky and will recommend him to anyone in the market

Clement Wong

"Great Advice"

I was looking for a business loan, however, I faced rejections from many lenders and was near to giving up. Taking a chance, I engaged Susan from BizBridge and I had my financial problem resolved! She advised me to take on a personal loan to help bridge my immediate need and work with me to submit my application for my business. It is fortunate that I chance upon her and I hope more will benefit from her service.

Chan Mei Ling


When my mum suddenly fell ill and I need to pay for her hospital fee, I realized I have no savings to pay. I know getting a loan is difficult because I don’t have a good credit record. Vincent from BizBridge however after understanding my situation managed to find me a lender.  Thank you, Vincent.

Candis Sim

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