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BizBridge is recognized for helping individuals and businesses find the best lending solutions

We leverage our network of lenders to help match you to a suitable loan for your needs.

If you're looking for a business loan:

Getting funding for your small business—that’s tough work. The market appeared to have many lenders offering different lending products, but you know applying to these lenders is like a daunting task.  For some, it can become a nightmare and you will find yourself wasting your time applying to the wrong lender. 

BizBridge help match up business owners and business lenders, as this is our daily job. We help you save time, energy, and maybe even money, if you consider the opportunity costs of searching a right loan on your own.

Besides saving time and energy, you will also benefit more from partnering with us, namely:

•    Enable you to focus on running your business while BizBridge work out the details with the potential lender

•    Explore alternative options if your funding application gets denied by a bank, BizBridge will help you identify the alternative lending landscape

•    Experience and informed. Debt service coverage ratios? Business credit vs Personal credit? BizBridge will be able to explain all the complicate words and acronyms to you and navigate all the options out there to save you time and money.

If you're looking for a personal loan:

Finding a personal loan can be very time consuming. BizBridge can help you reduce the time by acting as a middle person that can facilitate a loan for you.


You will definitely want to engage us if you don’t have a good credit score or credit record or are facing a complicated situation, BizBridge may even be able to find you a loan you didn’t know you could qualify for.

BizBridge will act as your Personal Loan Adviser and you can also think of us as someone who will help you find a good deal for a personal loan.


We know the eligibility criteria set by our established network of lenders and thus help increase your chances to getting the loan. 

You will be presented with a pre-approval offer once BizBridge find you a lender.  You can than finalise the offer with the lender directly.

Why choose us?

The answer is simple.

99% approval rate

55 minutes processing time

540K loans taken

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