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Study Loan

You can now find funds to pursue your education and dream goals, whether you are studying at a local private institution or overseas institution or upgrade your skills.

Singapore is a vibrant country presenting opportunities galore for the working professional. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that students from all over the world flock to Singaporean universities so that they can secure for themselves a fledgling career after graduation. However, like most popular education destinations, Singapore too can be expensive to study in, requiring you to take a loan to support your education.


If you need a long-term loan, you will need to have a guarantor (unlike short-term loan where it is not a necessity). Even a long-term loan can be used to pay for your living and other expenses such as books etc.


If you find a suitable course to upgrade your skill and is not funded by the government or you are not a Singaporean, apply here or contact our professionals at BizBridge for advice.

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